First post – Beck’s Beer commercial and

I asked myself what to write in my first blog entry, so I decided to write about some interesting thing that happens on net last day. As you may know, I live in Serbia; I’m giving this info because it’ll be better to know it for rest of story.

These days on Serbian televisions is giving commercial for Beck’s Beer. So there is the catchy tune that plays during commercial. I like it and because that I went on three most visited Serbian forums asking if somebody knows which song it is. On every forum there is special topic where users post and respond to name-that-tune queries from commercials, movies and TV shows. After several days nobody answered to my question and I tried to search for it on Google, entering keywords beck’s commercial. I didn’t know before which is homeland of this commercial. So, results took me to the CBS News article about website, which is special forum about topics that I mentioned (where users post and respond to name-that-tune queries from commercials, movies and TV shows). I found that song was “Stranded” and it is performed by Mohair.

So, what’s the point of this entry: well, I gave you link to this website and now if you have problem because you can’t find which is song in your favorite TV commercial, show, movie etc. just go to, somebody will probably help you.

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