How I Solved issue with OpenX missing stats

I loved OpenX project. Actually, I loved it when it had old name, phpAdsNew. I even wrote a huge post recommending other to use it.

Unfortunately, OpenX open source project is like dead now. There is no good support, there are security vulnerabilities, installation have problems…

One of common problems (by looking in their forum) is that stats aren’t recorded. This is what happened to me. One day I logged to my OpenX installation and stats page said there wasn’t any impression on that day. I checked my sites and saw that ads are running normally. So I waited to see if it’s something temporary but even after days passed, nothing changed.

Then I noticed there is a new version 2.8.7 available (I was running 2.8.5) so I upgraded my installation. But nothing changed: ads were delivering, I can see old stats but not a new one.

I decided to see if there is some solution on the web and on OpenX forums, but I can see rantings and issues that weren’t applying to me. Then I saw one post of some guy who said that he optimized and repaired his database and after that everything started to work. I did that too. But by looking in my debug.log file, I also noticed that there weren’t plugins in my installation. It appeared that new versions don’t contain plugins in itself, just empty folders. So I copied plugins from old versions.

And then, stats started to record again.

My solution (which is maybe not applicable to everyone):

  • check if you actually have plugins (at both place /plugins and /admin/plugins)
  • optimize and repair your database; since this requires some time, turn off delivery from you websites

I feel sorry when I see how this once great software is dying. What is worse, there is no any open source alternative to it. The only alternative I see is DoubleClick for Publishers, formerly know as Google Ad Manager, which I’ll consider moving to.

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