Cache Images 3.0

I released a new version of Cache Images, 3.0. By popular users requests, it contains two new improvements: option to enable automatic caching, and option to also cache images that are only linked from posts.

Also it contains one more improvements: complete ajaxification. Now you can do all work on one page, without need for reloading.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find solution for one known issue but as soon as I find one, I release a new update.

9 thoughts on “Cache Images 3.0

  1. Thanks for updating and re-releasing this plugin! It just saved me a lot of time and the hassle of manually importing a bunch of images. Great work.

  2. Hi Milan and thank you for your excellent work with this plugin.
    Couple of things though:
    1. I wonder if there is a way to automatically have the link URL of the grabbed images set to “Link to image” instead of having them as attachments. At the moment the field is left empty and I have to edit every single image in order for them to function properly with lightbox.
    Is there some code I can add and where exactly? (I can ONLY follow instructions and know nothing of php, sorry).
    2. I also use (as recommenede) but after upgrading to the latest version 1.3.4 I get “unknown error while processing http//….etc”. I thought you should know.
    3. There is also an issue with NON-Latin characters. I get horrible
    “25CE%25B5%25CE%25B9%25CE%25BC%25CE%25BC%25CE%25AD%25CE%25BD%25CE%25BF%25CF%2582+%25CE%25B1%25CE” names when the images names are in Greek.
    I know it is alot, but I just love the plugin and this is my only way I can help.

    Thank you in advance

    1. Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the late reply.

      1. I’m not sure that I understood your question, but I’ll explain you how does plugin work.

        It searches for all images that are hosted on external domain, then it sideloads them to local website, inserts them to the media library as attachment of a first post where it appeared, and finally it replaces all occurrences of old URL with the new, local one.

        If you want to have images only imported to library but without attaching to any post, than that isn’t possible because plugin uses built-in WordPress function for importing which requires to have image attached to some post.

      2. There are some issues with service lately which also affects WP plugin. I’ll remove recommendation for this plugin in next version if issues continue.
      3. I’ll look at this, thank you for report.

  3. I love this plugin, but may I suggest a new feature that will offer a great SEO benefit?

    Can you somehow allow the image names to be renamed from another column of data?
    I want to achieve the following…

    -rename images from …/DEFAULT.jpg to …/PRODUCT_NAME.jpg
    -cache images locally

    thanks !


    1. Sorry for very late reply.

      By default this can’t be made in core of plugin since this is very custom case.

      The only solution would be to do commercial development of advanced version of this plugin that would solve your need.

  4. Hi man, your wirten plugin is perfect. i used it in all of my website’s.

    i have a problem : a writen a post in 15min.
    in this time, photos save many!

    exmaple :
    photos name is :
    help me

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