How to Remove Open Sans from Google in WordPress

WordPress 3.8 introduces new admin design that uses Open Sans as its font. Because of technical difficulties, it was decided that Open Sans is used by using Google Fonts. What this means is that on each WordPress admin page there is a stylesheet from Google Fonts included. See make/core thread and Trac tickets #26072 and #26063 for more details.

If for any reason you don’t want to use this setup, I made a plugin that disables loading from Google Fonts so visitor’s browser will fallback to its preferred sans serif font.

3 thoughts on “How to Remove Open Sans from Google in WordPress

  1. I just want to use the regular Arial font for the dashboard (my front-end theme’s font is alright), because Open Sans doesn’t display Vietnamese characters properly. Does this plugin changes the front-end’s font? I tried to edit the wp-admin.css file but it didn’t work.

    1. It doesn’t change fonts anywhere, it simply prevents stylesheet with Open Sans to load so browser fallbacks to next defined font.

      If you aren’t using last three default themes that load fonts from Google, your frontend will be unaffected.

      Anyway, you can always try this plugin and see results for yourself, there are no options and settings, so your database isn’t touched.

  2. Thanks so much for that solution. I had already added my own font but could not remove the Google link tag. That does it nicely.

    I think it’s a dumb idea to create a dependency like this on an external file. In my case the admin would not work for local development when Internet went out.

    Also, providing my own font (Arial/Helvetica with fallback to Chinese fonts) makes Roman characters a lot nicer on Chinese WordPress backend and admin bar.

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