Nav Menu Images, Mobile, and Other Theme Problems

After several reports of issues from the title of this post, I decided to write a quick answers instead of writing separate each time.

It’s worth noting that from day one plugin’s description stated:

Although this plugin displays uploaded images out of the box, it will probably not give best possible look, so it’s recommended to create custom CSS styles for affected elements.

It is impossible to solve all of the problems people are having with displaying images because there is unlimited number of combinations: there are tens of thousands of themes, each theme can have multiple menu positions, and you can use different image size.

This means that each site requires a custom solution, you can do that by yourself, hire me or someone else, but you can’t expect from me that I do that for free for each of you. Imagine this plugin as a framework, it solves one thing for all and it’s enough for many, others need a little customization.

Mobile—using responsive theme

If you are having issues on mobile and you are using responsive theme, you should apply changes to it. Note that depending on what you want you can also change the output of the plugin with combination of CSS changes, not just pure CSS.

Mobile—using mobile-only theme

If you are having issues on mobile and you are using separate theme for mobile, you should apply changes only to mobile theme. There is no general rule how to do that, you can see in plugin that switches themes is there any way to know when you are on which theme, and you can also check against stylesheet option.

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