Introducing Post to Queue

Many had same experience:

  • schedule couple of posts to publish over time
  • something happens and you need to publish a new post and reschedule each one
  • you got an idea so you have a new post that you need to place somewhere between scheduled posts and reschedule all

In short, this is one of the problems Post to Queue tries to solve. Instead of manually scheduling posts, you put posts in queue, and they are published after chosen time since last post is published, on selected hours and days.

If you publish a new post, queue is prolonged so time needs to pass since that new post. If you got a new idea, you can place that post wherever you want in queue, since you just reorder queue.

This is a plugin with actions and filters everywhere, and since everything is in PHP classes, you can extend it even more to any option you want.

Try Post to Queue now.

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