Custom Development

I do WordPress backend development: coding custom plugins, WooCommerce extensions, API integration. My code is simple, clean, extensible, secure, and written according to WordPress coding standards, as shown in the references and testimonials listed below.

Feel free to contact me with details of your project.

Here are some of my open source code accomplishments:

Don’t take my word for it, read some of the real reviews from actual people who have used my plugins for their development solutions.

This is a super useful looking tool.

Very handy plugin.

Works right away

This is one of the plugins that should be part of core and should be selectable in Settings.

I loved this plugin…Thanks for the hark work. My page speed has been increased 🙂

Great plugin, a must have!

Just works.

This plugin is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Does as expected. Improves speed of dashboard and load time.

Clear, simple, does the trick.

…It works as it says: you only need to activate it! Plus, it doesn’t change your database, so you can try it with no worries.

Thank you so much for making this plugin.

Simple and works!

This is a fantastic plugin. It works perfectly.

Thank you, this plugin simply does the job.

Just what I was looking for! Very useful.

This is an excellent little plugin. It does exactly what it says it does, with no fuss and no messing around.

Does everything it says it does.

This Plugin Saved My Marriage! Not really, but THANK YOU for creating this.

Imagine a plugin that does everything out of the box, without any options to set or tweaking needed. Well… this is it.

This. Is. Just. Amazing.

The activation of this plugin has improved the loading time of the site!

I Search All the world for this, now find it. Really thank guy.

Brilliant – just what I was looking for… Thanks!

Clever Idea and it works well. (…) The only plugin of its kind that works.

This plugin works really great. Handling is very easy. This is what i expect from a good plugin. Thanks a lot.

Very useful plugin.

This plugin works just how it is supposed to. It is a necessary install on every WordPress site.

Effective, clean, easy to install

…This plugin seems to work and speeds things up.

This does everything I want it to do! Very easy to use!

Yes! Thank you for this little plugin that does exactly what it does properly.

Really useful plugin, which can help you in different occasions!

This plugin is a lifesaver.

A Must Have for Every WordPress Site

This saved me much hassle.

Its function is simple, yet important. Worked easily and perfectly.

Simple and great plugin.

Great and light weight plugin, without affecting core functionality of WordPress.